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Massage services and rates

Nurturing Therapeutic Massage
The Style of this massage is Swedish, each session geared to meeting the needs of each individual client.
60 minute session $130.00
80 minute session $ 175.00

Deep Tissue Massage
The effects of a Deep Tissue Massage , include working with the Myo Fascial  tissue which can result in pain relief, improved athletic performance and greater flexibility.
60 minute session $130.00
80 minute session $ 175.00

Hot Stone Massage 
Hot stone massage is a form of massage that involves the use of hot stones to bring relief to tight and sore muscles.
60 minute session $140.00
80 minute session $180.00

Massage Cupping Therapy
Massage therapy cupping creates suction and negative pressure to soften tight muscles, tone attachments , loosen adhesions and lift connective tissues.
60 minute session $140.00
80 minute session $180.00

Active Isolated Stretching *
AIS is a whole body movement that works with the body not against it. AIS work stretches a specific muscle and holds the stretch for two seconds, working with the natural stretch reflex of the muscle.

*can be added to any session upon request. No additional charge if it can be incorporated into the type of massage session that you have chosen.

Kristy Johansen 

Graduate of the Scherer Institute Of Natural Healing Santa Fe, New Mexico Graduated in 1999

21 years of experience in the field of Massage
Therapy Licensed and certified Massage Therapist 

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